Cathy Taylor


My name is Cathy Taylor; I am a victim of crime due to gun violence. My son Corey Taylor ( 27 yrs old) was shot by a convicted felon, Corey died July 19th, 2013. When I was going through my journey of grief I began to notice how often our children were being lost to gun violence. I was not able to find the resources or help with my grief and the justice system was not easy to navigate/ I wanted to start a foundation where I could be of help to others grieving the loss of their children due to violence so they would not have to shuffle through the process with no assistance like my family had to.  


Families deserve more support through the process and Journey 4ward can provide that support to them. We can be a source of comfort, resources and support for others whom have lost their children due to violence. Being available to help them in their time of grief and to let them know they are not alone is our priority.  If you are reading this and have lost a child, the first thing I want you to know is how truly sorry I am for you. The second thing is you should know you are not alone. I know this because I am living the loss of my son Corey. Corey’s kind loving spirit and compassion for others is what inspires me to reach out to others. Corey will always be the driving force behind what I am doing and he will always be my partner/Co-Creator of this Support/Advocacy group.


No words I write could ever say

 how sad and empty I feel today.

 The angels came for you much sooner than I planned.

 I'll brave the bitter grief that comes and I'll try my best understand.

 Oh Corey, why did you have to go away?

 Why wasn't it right for you to stay?

 In my heart Corey will always be,

 I love him dearly and I know he'll watch over me.

 What I'm suffering seems so unfair.

 But one thing is for certain my love for him will always be there.

 Corey my son you always will be 

the most important part of my hearts memory.

  A thousand words won't bring you back I know because I've tried.

 Neither will a thousand tears I know because I've cried.

 Now you're up in Heaven with the angels up above.

 They will take my place for now and they'll give you all their love.

 So go and rest in peace now my sweet Corey

 For all my love and memories I will hold forever near.