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Healing Hearts Traumatic Grief Support (No Fees)

Journey4ward offers FREE support services for victims of crime and at-risk youth, including traumatic grief counseling, EMDR Therapy, crime victims compensation assistance, and a peer support group for mothers who have lost a child to violence. Journey4ward's staff have all been affected by violence and understand victims. To schedule counseling sessions or EMDR sessions (FREE/NO FEES), use the button below:

Select the "REQUEST APPOINTMENT" button

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DFW/Texas Circle of Mothers

Domestic Violence Awareness Dinner 2018


DFW Circle of Mothers will network and reach out to other mothers that are in need of support after losing a child to violence. Events are planned throughout the year to encourage one another. The many mothers of Journey4ward know all too well what it’s like to struggle everyday just to get through the day. Journey4ward walks this journey of grief with each mother supporting one another in this journey. To know that they are not alone when at times they feel no one can ever understand; there is another mother that does. Connecting with other mothers that have lost a child violence helps our mothers find hope, strength and healing. Our mothers will take away from this group- strength, hope and lots of understanding that they did not come with.

Youth IMPACT Workshop & Voices without  (No Fee)


Youth Impact Workshop is a day long event held annually in June that will start at 10AM – 5PM and will end in a youth panel discussion with community leaders.

Voices without Violence Classes are 1-2 hour classes for local schools, churches and community youth programs.

To engage youth ages 12yrs of age and older in meaningful discussion and lessons regarding gun violence. Our goal is to teach the youth that they have options to violence and to empower them to be a voice to positive changes in our community. We strive to show youth that they too have the power to say no to violence and can make a difference in the community. The lessons and activities provided are appropriate for various content area and grade levels, designed to meet multiple learning styles and aligned to state standards.

  • Role Play classes on bullying/violence

  • Group discussions on peer pressure, media influence, and the state of young America, their thoughts and concerns on issues that affect them today.

  • Gun Safety & How to interact with the Police

  • Grief- Ways to help with grief

  • Choices/Consequences

  • Youth panel with Community Leaders

  • All of our instructors are college professors, licensed professional counselors, or social workers.

  • Curriculum: Stop the Violence - Gun Violence Awareness - Curriculum has been used and validated as reliable curriculum

For Information: Email us below or call 817-999-7784

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